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Apa Boggart-nya Snape?

Apa bentuk Animagus-nya kalau dia bisa?

Kalau dia berdiri di depan cermin Tarsah/Erised mirror, apakah yang diperlihatkan cermin itu?

Edited 270805: Apa inti tongkat Snape?

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Bermacam Analisis

Snape’s birthday:

December 22 - January 19

People who are born under the sign of Capricorn are practical, self-reliant and tenacious. As a Capricorn, people see you as patient, realistic and responsible, but they worry that you take life far too seriously sometimes. Your friends think of you as kind and very peaceable, ambitious and hard working (there's the Slytherin traits!), and know that you can be easily embarrassed, so they try not to tease you too much. You can take the occasional joke, but people might find it difficult sometimes to understand your dry sense of humor. With strangers you can be a little wary, and so come across as aloof and difficult to get to know.

At work, you never brush aside your responsibilities, but you must have a goal to satisfy in order to keep your mind on your work. And if you feel that you are not getting back from your job what you are putting into it, you will most likely move on; a lack of challenge is what bores you most. Your coworkers and friends alike might turn to you with their problems, both personal and professional, because you seem to be a good problem solver and have excellent intuition (Potion-making).

At home and at work, you tend to seek approval and appreciation. If neither is found or offered you will likely move on to someone or something that realizes what a gem of a find you are. Capricorn is an enduring sign, with those born under it often living to a ripe old age. Capricorns are often said to be old when they are young, and young when they are old.

Birth Chart

Birth Chart For Severus Snape

Mercury: Capricorn
In the Third House (Intellect and Communication)
Conjunct to Saturn
Sextile to Neptune
Trine to Pluto

This indicates that Snape is practical and has a methodical thought process. Effective communication is an important part of his professional life (this could include teaching.) He is a sceptic who likes to plan things before he puts them into action. While he may perceive the feelings of others, he does not necessarily take them into account. He has the ability to solve even the most complex scientific problems.

Venus: Sagittarius
the Third House (Intellect and Communication)
Squared to Pluto

This would suggest that Snape approaches his romantic affairs (assuming he has any) with idealism and generosity - though he is more impulsive than dependable. He looks at art and the all things artistic from an intellectual perspective. This also suggests a love for travel. The aspect of Venus to Pluto indicates that Snape is both passionate and volatile when it comes to love.

Mars: Sagittarius
In the Third House (Intellect and Communication)
Conjunct to Jupiter
Trine to Uranus
Squared to the North Node
Squared to the SouthNode

While this would indicate that Professor Snape pursues a variety of interests, he has one particular interest that he can achieve great things with- if he doesn't lose interest first. He has a keen mind that enjoys intellectual competition and he has an ability to deal with emergency situations. If he has any siblings, he probably doesn't get on with them very well. He has self-confidence and can achieve anything he sets his mind to. He has the capacity to carry out new ideas and plans and the courage to be decisive. He has a disregard for fashions and trends. He is headstrong and tends to be argumentative and hostile.

Jupiter: Sagittarius
In the Third House (Intellect and Communication)
Trine to Uranus

This would suggest that Professor Snape is in search of a new personal philosophy. He is generous and blessed with good luck. He tries to expand his intellectual horizons through reading and travel. Most people with this combination pursue teaching, writing or similar professions. He is intuitive, insightful and interested in self-development.

Saturn: Capricorn
In the Third House (Intellect and Communication)
Sextile to Neptune
Trine to Pluto

This indicates that Professor Snape is ambitious, and directs this ambition towards the attainment of long-term goals. He is dedicated and self-sufficient but sometimes pessimistic. He is deliberate, disciplined and extremely good when it comes to methodical work and research. He pays attention to detail and is good at working behind the scenes. He has the ability to endure hardships in pursuit of his goals. He is determined to succeed.

Uranus: Leo
In the Tenth House (Worldly Affairs)

Professor Snape can be creative in either the arts or the sciences. He sets his own standards (social, professional and moral) and insists that everyone else follow them as well. However, because of Uranus being retrograde, he spends too much time dwelling on the past that dealing with the present and future. He feels that the only way to progress is to avoid making the same mistakes again. His past often appears in unexpected places. He is noticeably different and independent and this can make it difficult for him to survive in a working environment.

Neptune: Scorpio
In the Second House (Material Resources and Assets)
Sextile to Pluto

Professor Snape is part of a generation that struggle between desire and spiritual renewal. This combination would indicate that he often spends money impulsively (especially when it comes to good causes), and he has unusual ways of accumulating wealth. He is not extravagant. Members of the generation are all spiritual to some degree.

Pluto: Virgo
In the Eleventh House (Friends and Organisations)

Members of this generation are often concerned with improving the social system to see if it can be made to work more fairly and equally. As a result of Pluto being retrograde, Snape uses subtle rather than obvious means to achieve this end. He tries to improve himself privately rather than publicly. He tries to bring about change by cooperating with others. However, his goals often have a personal rather than a humanitarian end.

Sun: Capricorn
In the Fourth House (Home and Family Life)
In Opposition to the Medium Coeli
Conjunct to the Immum Coeli

This would indicate that Professor Snape is ambitious in setting his goals and sets about attaining them in a methodical manner. He avoids extravagance and frivolity so he can responsibly carry out his duties. This combination also indicates that his life will improve, and he will eventually settle down in a serene place, possibly with close family. Without a happy family/home life or support network, he will never function to his full capacity.

Moon: Gemini
In the Eighth House (Death and Partnerships)
In Opposition to Venus
Squared to Pluto

This would suggest Professor Snape propels himself into a variety things with bouts of nervous energy - he can often be impulsive. His interests can vary from the otherworldly to the extremely worldly. Financial success would seem to be linked to his family. His life partner may at first be unresponsive, which would frustrate him greatly. He has a subconscious need to control people, which makes them uneasy around him.

House Cusps

First House (Individual Identity): 12 Libra
This gives Snape charm and courtesy as well as a need for harmony and a sense of fair play. It would suggest he is refined and has an eye for the best things in life.

Second House (Material Resources and Assets): 7 Scorpio
This suggests that Snape has a drive to make money, but probably keeps his financial affairs secret.

Third House (Intellect and Communication): 9 Sagittarius
This indicates that Snape has many interest, is a keen intellect and has a sharp wit. Once he develops an interest, he learns easily, though he can be restless and dreamy. He is probably not close to his family.

Fourth House (Home and Family Life): 16 Capricorn
His home life is disciplined and orderly, and he deals with his affairs in a private and practical manner. The atmosphere is probably remote and cool. He has a strong sense of duty.

Fifth House (Pleasurable Pursuits): 21 Aquarius
He tends towards friendship and platonic aquaintances rather than romance, and any romantic relationships would probably come from long-standing friendships. He is unlikely to have children, but if he does, they will probably be male. He may work with children.

Sixth House (Health and Work): 20 Pisces
This suggests Snape is adaptable, though he lacks stamina. He may suffer from a psychosomatic condition or hyponchondria, and he is also susceptible to problems with his feet.

Seventh House (Interaction with Society): 12 Aries
He is probably attracted to strong, aggressive people and may marry on impulse. He is likely to be argumentative and disagreeable.

Eighth House (Death and Partnerships): 7 Taurus
This suggests that Snape might come into an inheritance, though his partner will probably manage his finances. If he has no partner, he will deal with his finances privately and secretly.

Ninth House (Legal Affairs): 9 Gemini
He seeks a logical basis for his philosophies, tying the abstract with the objective. He probably likes to travel.

Tenth House (Worldly Affairs): 16 Cancer
He probably has an interest in the needs of the greater public. He seeks approval, but resents criticism.

Eleventh House (Friends and Organisations): 21 Leo
His friendships tend to be long-lasting. If he is a member of any group, he is one of the leaders.

Twelfth House (Sorrows, Troubles and Secrets): 20 Virgo
This suggests that Snape has many small worries in addition to his larger ones, and his preoccupation with detail does not help anything. Relations with those he works with may cause his downfall.

Count of Signs
Sagittarius, Capricorn: 3
Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio: 1
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces: 0

Planets in Genders
Masculine: 5
Feminine: 5
These two counts suggest that Snape is well-balanced. He is patient and can endure unpleasant circumstances. He possesses the courage to change his circumstances if he needs to. He is occasionally depressed.

Planets in Elements
Fire: 4
Earth: 4
Water: 1
Air: 1
This suggests that Snape has a deep sense of his own self-worth, and often makes better decisions when he follows his instincts. When he starts a new intellectual project, he needs to finish it quickly before he loses interest. He has the potential to be a leader. He is dependable and strong-willed, though he prefers to keep to himself. He is practical and organised, conservative and obstinate. He resists change until he sees it makes sense.

Signs in Qualities
Cardinal: 3
Fixed: 2
Mutable: 5
He has the potential to be both a good leader and a good follower. He can come up with ideas and will not hesitate to adapt them to the circumstances.

Count of Houses
House #3: 5
Houses #2, #4, #8, #10, #11: 1
Houses #1, #5, #6, #7, #9, #12: 0

Planets in Hemispheres
North: 7
East: 8
South: 3
West: 2

This suggests that Professor Snape insists on making his own choices. He is determined and stubbornly self-reliant, which often leads him into conflict. He needs freedom more than approval. Above all, he needs to feel like he has some control. He is annoyingly aloof in personal relationships and is hardly aware of his own feelings. He needs to maintain a veneer of respectability. He may be working towards some greater cause.

Count of Functional Houses
Individual: 0
Relative: 6
Temporal: 2
Terminal: 2

He is dependable and strong-willed but probably anti-social. He is resistant to change until it makes sense to him - he is both conservative and stubborn.

Count of Modal Houses
Cadent: 6
Angular: 2
Succedent: 3

He is a self-motivated, ambitious realist. He has an ability to act quickly and decisively based on the potential for action in a given situation. Sometimes he disregards the consequences of his actions. He has boundless ambition but it is often thwarted by his restless nature.

Count of Aspects
Conjunct: 3
Trine: 4
Sextile: 4
Opposed: 2
Squared: 8

While Snape may find himself facing crisis after crisis, his determination and practical mind will enable him to overcome them.

Hari Saint?

9 January: Severus Snape. St Adrian of Canterbury, an eighth-century Abbot and classics scholar who modestly refused the arcbhishopric of Canterbury. I wouldn’t call modesty Snape’s dominant personality trait. Also St Philip of Moscow (1507-1569), who was assassinated for standing up to Ivan the Terrible. Snape stands up to Voldemort sneakily rather than directly.

Horoskop Hogwarts

CAPRICORN(December 22 - January 19)
the Quinotaur (half goat, half mermaid/merman).
Cardinal, earth, yin -
planetary ruler: Saturn.
Keywords: "I USE"

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and governs the bones, joints, and knees. Positive traits include pragmatism, maturity, patience, determination, awareness, a strong work ethic, realism, discipline, money management, the willingness to overcome hard luck, leadership, initiative, opportunism, prudence, and cunning. Negative traits include pessimism, melancholy, emotional coldness, manipulation, obsession with work and ambitions to the detriment of personal development, remoteness, and materialistic snobbery.

The traits emphasized here will be ambition, determination, discipline, and pragmatism. You can't make that castle in the sky if you don't build a solid foundation under it, and Capricorns excel at building foundations. (Actually, they excel at planning the foundations and directing others to do the grunt labour. It's not that they're afraid to get their hands dirty, but large work usually requires delegation and a staff, and Capricorns are managers more often than not.) While not flamboyant or showy about it, Capricorns still tend to be obsessive overachievers, a common trait in House Slytherin. Too, wizards born under the sign of Capricorn are good at being discreet, secretive, and diplomatic; whereas the Libra's diplomacy is based on charm and a desire for harmony, the Capricorn's diplomacy is based on the knowledge that being on good terms with people is extremely useful in getting one's way or finding out sensitive information. These also are traits commonly associated with House Slytherin. They might not be sexy traits, but they're very handy.

Kartu QDiamond

Snape: January 9-
5Spades (What is with all these 4's, 5's, and 6's?)

Wanderer card. Restless, seeking truth, many personal dissapointments, hard for others to understand their decision making process.

Snape and Tom Riddle, both of them Capricorn

Capricorn for both of them, which is interesting when you consider the impetus behind the DE movement. It's all about heritage and who your father's father father was. Capricorn is a very tradition/status concerned sign. Also, it is the sign of 'the father'--and both Tom and Severus have big issues with their fathers.

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siapa villain dalam HBP?

You are Severus Snape

You are a whiz at potions and skilled at working as a double agent for Dumbledore and Voldemort. But who’s side are you on? Although you may have been lead astray by the dark lord initially, you are really fighting the good fight, as a spy against the death eaters. Or is it the other way around?

Take this quiz at

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Seperti apa Snape itu?

Pernahkah kalian membaca HP versi Amerika (Scholastic)? Atau, versi terjemahan bahasa Indonesia? Versi terjemahan itu adalah versi Amerika.

Di setiap halaman judul bab selalu ada gambar kecil. Chapter Picture. Dari gambar-gambar ini kita bisa melihat sekilas seperti apa dunia penyihir itu.

Dan dari gambar-gambar ini kita bisa lihat, seperti apa Severus Snape itu! Lihat di bab 24 Occlumency, HP&OotP Image hosted by Lalu kita bisa melihat lagi bab 28, Flight of the Prince, HP&HBPImage hosted by . Ada juga di bab 14 HP&POA Image hosted by Nah, seperti itulah Severus Snape.

Tapi, coba lihat bermacam-macam situs yang bertebaran di dunia maya ini. Bisa dibilang, situs-situs yang membahas Severus Snape pasti memuat gambar Alan Rickman! Atau yang mirip seperti itulah... Padahal mana ada miripnya dengan gambar Chapter Picture? Atau, paling tidak yang mirip dengan yang dilukis Hildebrandt brothers untuk Trading Cards… Image hosted by

Demikian juga dengan Fan Arts. Mereka melukis Snape seperti Rickman! Padahal, nggak ada mirip-miripnya. Kata Jo juga, Rickman terlalu gendut, hehe... Lalu, umurnya udah 60-an, sedang JKR berkata bahwa pada OotP itu umurnya 38-39-an. Trus, di chapter picture yang di OotP kelihatan kalau dia punya kumis!

Jadi, yang mana yang benar? Hehe..