Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Half-Blood Prince, so I ...

Hehe.. coba baca ficlet ini, dari Chamber of Secret:

"Master," Bellatrix hissed. "Am I not still your most faithful servant?"

"Of course," answered Voldemort. "But faithfulness only goes so far. Rise, Severus Snape, my most COMPETENT servant."

Snape stood.

"What would you ask of me, as your reward?"

"My greatest reward would be to serve you further, master," said Snape, bowing deeply. "But I do crave a small favor. Snape is a muggle name, and I no longer wish to be known by it. Hence forward, with your generous approval, I wish to be known as the Half Blood Prince."

"Granted!" Voldemort shouted in his high, shrill voice. "Let all listen and obey! The man once known as Severus Snape is now the Half Blood Prince!"

"The Half Blood Prince," murmured the Death Eaters.

"For your next task, Severus--"

Snape coughed.

"How silly of me," A humorless smile crossed the thin, lipless mouth of the Dark Lord. "Prince, your next--"

"The proper style of address is, I believe, 'Your Highness,'" said Snape softly.

Voldemort's smile vanished. "Do you dare to correct your master?"

"Well, technically," said Snape, "a prince outranks a mere Lord. I could assign you a task, if you like."

"Most amusing, Severus," said Voldemort, sounding not at all amused.

"Thank you...Tom," Snape answered.

Silence fell on the room like a headsman's axe.

Voldemort turned slowly to stare at Snape. He pulled his wand out of his sleeve."Your success has made you foolish," he hissed. "You will pay for such insolence. CRUCI__"

"Then I won't do your task," said Snape quickly. "And you'll have to give it to one of these clowns." Voldemort stopped in mid-curse to look around at the motley crew of Death Eaters surrounding him. There was Greyback, Peter Pettigrew, Draco Malfoy, still sobbing over his failure, the recently released Stan Shunpike trying to burst one of the pimples on his chin, and a few others whose names he had never bothered to learn.

"Just kidding," Voldemot muttered grudgingly, and even more reluctantly added, "Your Highness."

"Right," said the Half Blood Prince. "Well, first I think we ought to make a team effort to get this place spruced up, and send Bellatrix out to go out to market. There's nothing in the bloody refrigerator but a bottle of snake's milk that's two years past the expiration date. Then, you, Voldemort--sorry, I mean My Lord--I have a task for you. A Prince needs a crown. I appoint you to find me a crown whose magnificence is in keeping with the grandeur of my new position. And I want it by Friday. Got that?"

"Yes, your Highness."

"Well, then--spring cleaning, everybody! We mustn't run a sloppy terrorist headquarters, must we?"

Voldemort scowled. But he picked up the mop.